Distracted Driving and the Myth of Multitasking

In today’s society there is constant stimulation occurring every second of our lives. With all of these stimulants, it makes it hard to focus on any single task at hand. One of those tasks that we tend to easily lose our attention with is driving. Distracted driving has quickly become one of the most dangerous […]

Tell Them, “Your Next Text Could Be Your Last”

Welcome back our personal injury attorney blog. We are off to a fast start in our March blog review series, where we revisit some blogs from days gone by and glean their important messages. In our previous blog, we reviewed how important is to talk to your auto injury attorney before you talk to an […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting An Injury Attorney

Previously on our blog, we kick-started our blog series for March with a blog review of a couple important topics, such as the impact of the cost of an accident and how much a personal injury claim is worth. Today, we are going to share some common questions we get as auto injury attorneys. We […]

Improve Safety Instantly

Welcome to our blog review series for March on the Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers blog. We are bringing up some of our best blogs from the past and reminding our clients and readers so they can benefit from the blogs of the past. In our previous post, our personal injury attorneys took a previous discussion […]

Injured By A Distracted Driver? Call Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers!

Driving is dangerous – we all know this to be true. With all of the safety improvements of vehicles, the act of driving from one point is still full of hazards. Unfortunately, many drivers choose to make our roads even more dangerous by talking or texting on their cell phones while driving. While our great […]