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Awesome job. Huge thanks to Chris and Spencer. I was looking for someone to make the insurance company do the right thing and they did just that in a very timely and professional way.

B. Adams

One girl at work who handles all of the attorney cases rep’d cases told me to call, but we all knew you guys’ phone number form the commercials. So if anyone ever asked we’d always say “oh yeah… 387-2323.

S. Hilliard

That is why we went to you guys. I’m not the type to say “oh can I get some money out of the person”. We knew you guys would be fair and honest and give me the truth without sugar coating anything. It would either be yes or no if it was going to work. We were trusting the integrity of your firm to tell me that ..and I do.

Sheila H.

Great service, friendly atmosphere. First time in a serious automobile accident, i am more than pleased with the service, Mr. Denis was very helpful and informative. He was very polite and didn’t mind answering any of my questions.

Ashley D.

Many thanks to attorney Ben Lowe, and his assistant Erica. Ben provided me with excellent service. He answered all of my questions, in a clear and concise manner, and kept me updated on the status of my case. When Ben was not available, his assistant Erica was knowledgeable, and able to assist me. I would not hesitate to refer my family, and friends to Spencer Calahan Law Firm, and make sure that they ask for Ben.

Mary M.

What can I say, other than wow! Insurance company treated me like I didn’t matter, Farah Gheith showed them that I do. Very appreciative of the professionalism and the timely fashion that my case settled. I would recommend her to any and everyone that needs an attorney on their side. Thank you!!

Trey P.

The best phone call I made all year was to Spencer Calahans office. His associate Dennis Barry was professional and answered all my questions promptly. Call and ask to speak with Dennis Barry. You will not regret your decision in attorney.

Blake K.

Spencer and his team are A-plus. Always wiling to help and answer questions. They do care and work with their clients like they were family. I would give them 10 stars If I could. Great job and thanks

Jim M.

I got into an unfortunate experience that hindered my last year in high school. My grandfather told me to go with Spencer Calahan and I was represented by my lawyer Tyler. He was very informative and guided me every step of the way. We discussed on how to get the most of my settlement and we got more than what we expected out of our deal. All in all I would recommend Spencer to anyone that has been in an automotive accident!!