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Focused on Injury Law

Our team of attorneys focus on personal injury law to the exclusion of all else.

Higher Settlements

Our settlements are often 20 or more times greater than the client’s initial offers.

Client Recommended

85%-90% of our new clients are referred to us from former, satisfied clients.

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Speak directly with a personal injury attorney who has experience seeking settlements for accident victims.

What our clients say about

My experience with Spencer Calahan Law firm was EXCELLENT!! I dealt with Tyler and he was awesome, he was very detailed with me and very reassuring. I did not have run behind him to get updates or find out the stage of progress concerning my case. Not only did Tyler do everything he promised he would do to ensure that i was compensated, but he exceeded all of my expectations. I would definitely refer all of my family and friends to Calahan Law Firm, with a special request for Tyler.

Thaidra Chrisentery

Spencer Calahan is the best in town! I received maximum amounts on both of my cases and they were settled pretty fast. Chase was my attorney and he was very easy going, easy to communicate with, and professional. I would definitely recommend Spencer Calahan Lawyers office.

Tremayne F.

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers treated us like family. They made sure we were kept up to date on our case and took care of business. I would recommend any family member and/or friend to this Law Office. Special Thanks to Brady P. and Valeri A.

Shawn H.

We Focus Exclusively On
Injury Law

Assistance With Any Accident or Injury

Whether you were injured in a truck or motorcycle crash or through medical malpractice—or wrongful death accident—we can provide the sound legal counsel and high-caliber representation you’ll need to bring your personal injury claim to a successful conclusion.

We won’t settle for the minimal amount the insurance will offer, and your Baton Rouge personal injury and car accident lawyer will make certain that you stay well-informed throughout the legal process and are prepared for what’s ahead.

The Help You Need

You’ll be able to meet with an experienced Baton Rouge car accident lawyer during a free case evaluation. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your case in detail with a knowledgeable Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer in order to explore all of your legal options and receive an honest professional opinion.

Your consultation carries no obligation, and we won’t pressure you into anything. Where your case goes from there will be entirely up to you; we’ll just be there to provide you with all of your options and the information you need to make an informed decision.

Every Baton Rouge Personal Injury Lawyer from Spencer Calahan is fully dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. Contact us today for your free consultation, and discover how we can help you.

  • Car Accidents

    The insurance company won’t offer you a fair car accident settlement. We’ll ensure that they do.

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  • Truck Accidents

    We’ll help you determine who caused the truck accident: the trucker, trucking company, or someone else.

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  • Motorcycle Accidents

    Insurers love to blame riders for motorcycle accidents. We won’t let them push fault on you.

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  • Personal Injury

    Any personal injury can leave you buried in debt, out of work, and suffering. You can get full compensation.

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  • Medical Malpractice

    If a doctor didn’t take your health as seriously as you do, you deserve a settlement for his or her negligence.

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  • Defective Products

    Don’t let a company that produced a defective product get away with valuing profits over your health.

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  • Pedestrian Accidents

    Getting hit by a car means that you have the right to demand compensation from the negligent driver.

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  • Wrongful Death

    If your loved one died because of another’s carelessness, we can help you get justice through compensation.

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Why Choose
Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers

We respresent the interests of the victims & their families

Choosing the right law firm to handle your personal injury claim is incredibly important. Not only will it affect how much money you receive in your settlement, but it can also affect your chances of settling out of court and how smoothly the legal process goes for you. When you work with Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, you don’t just get a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer with knowledge and experience, you also get a personal connection and a dedicated ally who has your best interests in mind.

Baton Rouge
Car Accident Lawyers

Larger Settlements

While it’s certainly true that accidents happen, it’s also true that they’re usually caused by someone’s carelessness or negligence. This applies as much to car accident injuries accidents as anything else, but when it comes to personal injury scenarios, the stakes are much higher. This is where an experienced Baton Rouge car accident lawyer from Spencer Calahan Personal Injury Lawyers can save you a great deal of stress and frustration—and get you substantially more money than you might realize is possible.

The mistake made by many injury victims is that they don’t realize they can get compensated for more than just the obvious financial expenses. Your medical bills, lost wages, and property damage should all be compensated, but it’s the rare accident that doesn’t cost more than that.

Get More Than Just Direct Expenses

Your settlement should include all of your non-economic damages, as well. There’s no doubt that you’ve experienced pain and suffering thanks to your injuries. It’s also possible that your quality of life has been affected in other ways thanks to the accident, such as damage done to your personal relationships and lost enjoyment of life. These are all intangible damages that deserve compensation, just like your financial losses, and your Baton Rouge personal injury and car accident lawyer will help you get it.

Damages such as these aren’t easy to put a value to, and you can bet that your insurance company isn’t going to help you do it. This is just one more reason why it’s so important to find out your claim’s true value.

The mistake made by many injury victims is that they don’t realize they can get compensated for more than just the obvious financial expenses.

The Auto Wreck Settlement You Deserve

When you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own, you just want a fair settlement to pay for your recovery and compensate you for what you’ve endured. This is completely justified, but you can’t expect the insurance company to do right by you—which is why you need a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer.

With over 125 years of combined legal experience

SCIL knows insurance tactics and the ins and outs of personal injury law. We know how to maximize your recovery. In addition to getting you the largest settlement possible, our Baton Rouge Injury Lawyers want to make the legal process as painless as possible for you. We understand that after a car crash or other accident, you have enough expenses and stress to deal with, and we aren’t interested in adding legal fees to your burdens. With that in mind, your Baton Rouge car accident lawyer will work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you only pay us after you’ve won your case.

Baton Rouge
Personal Injury Lawyers

Experienced Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorneys

Combined, our attorneys have over 125 years worth of experience in personal injury law. This is hard-earned knowledge and skill that you’ll benefit directly from. While each and every Baton Rouge car accident lawyer from our firm has proven his or herself in the courtroom, we pride ourselves on knowing how to settle claims out of court through negotiations.

We have a proven record of success on this front. In fact, 95 percent of our cases settle out of court for insurance policy limits. That’s maximum compensation without a single courtroom appearance being necessary.

An Exclusive Focus on Personal Injury and Auto Wrecks

Spencer Calahan Personal Injury Lawyers have one goal: obtaining financial compensation for injury victims who have been hurt in accidents caused by the negligence of others. We focus on personal injury law to the exclusion of all else. We don’t handle bankruptcy, divorce, or criminal defense cases—or anything else.

This means that your Baton Rouge car accident lawyer won’t be someone that dabbles in multiple areas of law. Instead, you’ll be receiving a dedicated personal injury attorney that knows the inside and outside of seeking monetary settlements for accident victims.

Our EXPERIENCE Can Get You a Larger Settlement

Your Baton Rouge car accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate your accident and injury and uncover every single damage you could receive compensation for. Then we’ll aggressively pursue a full and comprehensive settlement from the insurance company or responsible party.

We promise our clients a larger settlement than whatever they were initially offered, and we follow through. If we don’t deliver, you pay us nothing—it’s that simple. We make bold claims like this because we have a history of recovering settlements that are twenty times or more larger than the insurer’s original offer.

Licensed in Every District & Federal Courts in Lousiana

Our firm welcomes cases and clients from throughout the state of Lousiana since Spencer is licensed in all the district and federal courts in Louisiana.

Mr. Calahan’s Formal Education & Achievements

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in pshycology with minors in business & biology at Louisana State University, and earned a Juris Doctor at Loyola University School of Law.

Licensed FAA Pilot for Nationwide Needs

Spencer is an FAA licensed, commercial pilot. He can travel nationwide on short notice when a case requires mobility.

A Louisiana Resident for Over 30 Years

A native of Denver, Colorado, Spencer H. Calahan has lived in Louisiana since 1986.

We recover 95% of policy limits without going to court

We have a 95% recovery ration of obtaining maxiumum insurance policy limits without the need to go to court.

Meet the


Spencer H. Calahan founded the Law Offices of Spencer H. Calahan, L.L.C. in 2000 after spending the first years of his legal career in the field of insurance defense. Having witnessed first-hand the questionable tactics employed by some insurance companies in personal injury cases, Spencer decided to utilize his legal talents to represent the interests of injured victims and families.

William Tyler

William Tyler Downing (Tyler) is a native of the Capitol City, a Golden Bear graduate of Catholic High School, and graduate of Louisiana State University. Tyler has an entrepreneur spirit, and while in undergrad at LSU, he formed a catering company as a cooking hobby to fund a hunting-and-fishing hobby and founded a local Mardi Gras krewe as a means to keep friends together and give back to the community.

“Ben” T. Lowe

Benjamin “Ben” T. Lowe’s practice is dedicated exclusively to the representation of individuals injured by the fault of others in motor vehicle and 18 wheeler crashes, where over the course of an extremely successful career he has established himself amongst the elite in this field, recovering millions of dollars for his clients.


Born and raised in Crowley, Louisiana, Brady is a graduate of Crowley High School. He worked as a deputy with the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office for five years, selected to the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team, before graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and earning a Juris Doctor from Southern University Law Center.


Mike Davis, originally from St. Francisville, Louisiana, graduated from West Feliciana High School in 1986 and then went on to obtain his Bachelor of Arts degree from Southeastern Louisiana University. In 1999, he received his law degree from Loyola University in New Orleans. Mike opened his own firm in 2001, representing injured individuals in various courts around Louisiana.

David G.

David G. deBlieux joined the firm after 10 years with the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office where served as lead counsel over 65 trials, enjoying a 98% conviction rate. He has successfully argued before the Louisiana Supreme Court as well as the First Circuit Court of Appeals. His career at the District Attorney’s Office was victim driven, with an emphasis on communication and understanding the victim’s rights to be heard.

Denis W.
Barry Jr.

Denis W. Barry Jr. was born in Metairie, Louisiana and raised in Mandeville, Louisiana. Denis attended St. Paul’s High School in Covington, Louisiana. After high school, Denis attended Louisiana State University and graduated with a major in political science and a minor in classical studies. During his time at LSU, Denis joined the Theta Xi fraternity and was elected to the offices of Scholarship Chair and Vice President. Denis was also a member of the Tiger Athletic Foundation.


Farah was born in Amman, Jordan but has spent most of her life in Louisiana. Farah spent her formative years in Alexandria, Louisiana. She moved to Baton Rouge is 2008 to attend LSU, graduating in Marketing.

Isaac E.

Isaac E. Khalid, a Baton Rouge native, obtained his B.A. in Political Science from Louisiana State University before graduating from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University in 2008. Having previously practiced in both

Christopher Warren

Christopher Warren DeAgano (Chris) was born and raised in the New Orleans area. After graduating from Jesuit High School in 2004, Chris attended Louisiana State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business in 2008. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, Chris attended the University of Kentucky College of Law and the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at LSU. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree, and is a member of the Baton Rouge Bar Association and the Louisiana State Bar Association.