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Baton Rouge Wrongful Death Lawyer

When a fatal accident deprives you of a loved one, you can hold the responsible party accountable by seeking financial compensation. Find out how to handle your case by working with a Baton Rouge wrongful death lawyer.

When you lose a family member, the impact on your family is tremendous. Emotionally, nothing can be harder. And while it might seem crass, the financial impact can be just as hard, leaving you and your loved ones without the income you need to sustain your lifestyle. However, if someone else was at fault for the fatal accident—whether it involved a car crash, medical malpractice, or something else—you can get both justice and the compensation you need to preserve what you’re family has built together.

A Baton Rouge wrongful death lawyer from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers can help you navigate the complicated legal system and obtain a successful resolution to your wrongful death claim. You can get justice, and we can help.


Who Can File for Wrongful Death in Louisiana?

Only certain relatives of the deceased can pursue compensation through a wrongful death claim. Louisiana actually breaks different relatives up into different priority levels, giving some relatives a chance to file before others may.

The deceased’s spouse and children are given preference in these situations. If the victim was not married or had no children, then the deceased’s parents may file instead. In the absence of surviving parents, brothers and sisters have the option to bring a claim. If there are no surviving siblings, then grandparents have the right to sue.

Finally, if none of these relatives are extant, the deceased’s estate can file a wrongful death claim. If you aren’t sure if you qualify to bring a claim, a Baton Rouge wrongful death lawyer from our firm can clarify your options.


Compensation for the Death of a Family Member

The damages you can seek restitution for are fairly similar to those sought in personal injury claims, except that you’re effectively seeking them on behalf of the deceased victim. These damages could be financial expenses or they could be non-economic and have no obvious dollar value.

  • The deceased’s lost income estimated out to retirement age and accounting for potential raises
  • Medical expenses incurred prior to passing
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Lost household services provided by the victim
  • The pain and suffering experienced by the victim prior to passing
  • The lost guidance and companionship experienced by you and your family

Your Baton Rouge wrongful death lawyer will help you account for all of the damages that your family has encountered in the aftermath of the fatal accident. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the largest settlement possible so that you have the means you need to secure your family’s future wellbeing.


Negotiating a Settlement for a Fatal Accident

Even in the wake of a fatal accident, insurance companies will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible. They’ll provide lowball settlement offers, hoping that you’ll agree before you can find out what they should really be paying you, and they’ll try to get statements that they can use later to pin the blame of the accident on your family member.

Your Baton Rouge wrongful death lawyer will do everything possible to ensure that an insurer can’t take advantage of you in this difficult time. We’ll handle the negotiations and communications so that you and your family can focus on grieving and saying goodbye to the departed.

We’ll investigate what happened and collect all of the necessary evidence and testimony that can be used to fully demonstrate what happened and why the other side was responsible. You’ll need to act quickly, however. Not only does time tend to erase evidence, but Louisiana only provides a liberative prescription of one year in which to file your wrongful death claim.


Get Help from a Baton Rouge Fatal Accident Attorney

Seeking compensation for the damage done by someone else is rarely easy, and this is especially true when a death was involved. Even if there’s a criminal conviction, this might provide you with some justice, but it won’t provide the means you need to recover and pick up the pieces.

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers knows personal injury law, and we’ve helped families all across Louisiana obtain fair and comprehensive settlements for fatal accidents involving their loved ones. We’re here to help, so schedule a free consultation with a Baton Rouge wrongful death lawyer and discover what your options are. To begin, simply call us at 225-387-2323 or complete the form at the bottom of this page.