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Baton Rouge Product Liability Lawyer

It might seem daunting to take on a big company, but you deserve financial compensation for any injuries caused by a defective product. Find out how to handle your case by working with a Baton Rouge product liability lawyer.

Whether a company produces cars, cell phones, or anything else, it has an obligation to make products that are thoroughly tested for safety so that they don’t pose dangers to consumers. Any negligence in this area can easily result in serious injuries and even death, all of which might be the responsibility of the company that produced the defective product.

This sort of case is different from many other personal injury scenarios in that you’ll often be up against a large corporation and their team of attorneys. Don’t let this intimidate you, however. By working with a Baton Rouge product liability lawyer from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, you can take these entities on and come out with the financial settlement that will pay for your recovery and losses.


What Makes a Product Defective?

Product liability scenarios take many different forms. In general, if you were using the product as intended and were injured in the process, you could have a strong case for financial compensation.

Aside from the obvious differences in product type and specific malfunction, where in the production process the defect that hurt you occurred will indicate what sort of product liability case you have. Collecting the evidence to prove this will be the goal of your Baton Rouge product liability lawyer and will also determine who was responsible for your injuries:

  • Design – If the designer failed to test their product specifications fully, people could easily get hurt. For example, a poorly designed SUV might rollover easily on sharp curves.
  • Manufacturing – A manufacturing defect might indicate that faulty materials were used or that something was put together incorrectly. For example, a defective drug might contain incorrect ingredients or a lawnmower might be missing a nut that holds the blade in place.
  • Shipping – Sometimes products are damaged during shipping and cause injuries to people when they try to use them. A distributor might be responsible if a gas grill was damaged during transport and consequently caused a fire that hurt the consumer who received it.
  • Retail – If the retailer knew that a product was damaged or defective but sold it to you anyway, they can be held accountable. For instance, the manufacturer might be responsible for defective tires that blow out easily, but the retailer could share in the fault if they knowingly sold these tires.
  • Advertising – If an advertiser fails to disclose dangers inherent to a product, they could become liable, as well. Advertising that indicated exercise equipment could be used in a certain way when doing so causes severe injury would almost certainly make the advertiser at fault.


Product Liability Damages

Defective products can cause incredibly serious injuries to consumers, which will inevitably be followed by a number of financial losses and damage done to their quality of life. When negotiating a settlement for your claim, your Baton Rouge product liability lawyer will factor in all of the ways that your life and finances have been negatively impacted.

Product liability cases often inflict a substantial amount of property damage in addition to personal harm, but this will obviously vary according to the specifics of your unique case. Your current and future medical care will probably be the largest factor to take into account, as this will need to cover your estimated future needs as well as any treatment required for emotional trauma. You should also expect compensation to cover any lost income or earning potential if your injuries have interfered with your ability to work.

Non-economic damages should also be assessed. An unexpected injury caused by a defective product can easily result in tremendous emotional distress and pain and suffering, and you shouldn’t go uncompensated for it. Other intangible damages might include disfigurement, loss of consortium, and simple lost enjoyment of life.


Help from a Baton Rouge Defective Product Lawyer

When you’ve been hurt by a defective product, you can hold the company responsible financially liable. Doing so can also prevent similar injuries to others, as companies often avoid issuing a product recall until the potential cost of litigation outweighs the profits they can make by selling the defective product. You don’t have to let them get away with it, and Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers will ensure that you get the most money possible for what you’ve been through.

To find out how strong your case is or to simply get more information, set up a free consultation with a Baton Rouge product liability lawyer. Just give our office a call at 225-387-2323 or complete the contact form below.