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Welcome to our blog review series for March on the Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers blog. We are bringing up some of our best blogs from the past and reminding our clients and readers so they can benefit from the blogs of the past. In our previous post, our personal injury attorneys took a previous discussion on texting while driving and broadened it out to distracted driving because any number of things can distract a driver. Today, our car accident lawyers will finish our scenario with Jeff and demonstrate just how easy it is to go from focused driver to distracted driver.

Not Everyone Gets A Second Chance

“Thankfully, there wasn’t much of a line at the drive-through and Jeff got back on Airline Drive quickly, while he worked his son for some intel. As he stuffed a few fries in his mouth and waited for Jeff to give him something other than “I don’t know, Dad,” he received a text from work. He glanced at the text long enough to see it was from work, which prompted him to reach for his phone. Just then, the car in front of him stopped.

‘Dad!’ Jarick said, pointing ahead. Jeff, who saw his son’s eyes get as big as balloons, shot his eyes to the front see the car stopped in front of him…”

Our second blog review of the day turns our focus to avoiding all these nasty scenarios we’ve been discussing. We talk about a few different safety aspects of Santa driving his sleigh that also pertain to us relegated to just driving cars and trucks. If you want all three tips, click on the link below.

3 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Driving

“We had to fall back on our work as auto injury attorneys in New Orleans for the background to comprise this list. As injury attorneys, we’ve seen things.”

  • “Get to know your pillow. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 100,000 accidents were attributed  to fatigued driving annually. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you head out, so you are sharp as a tack on Christmas Eve.”
  • “If you do feel sleepy while you are out delivery gifts, make sure you just bring your sleigh down on the road. Never park on the shoulder of the road for any reason other than an emergency.”