Avoid Mental Distractions When You Drive

Our Injury Lawyers will help you if you’re the victim of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. You can meet with a personal injury attorney about your case to get a clear picture of your next steps. More specifically, if you were injured in a car accident, our auto injury attorney will help you understand the […]

Experienced Legal Advocates

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers in Baton Rouge has the experience needed to advocate for you in personal injury cases and car accidents. If you were injured by the neglect or carelessness of another person, a personal injury attorney at our firm can get a bigger settlement than the insurance company initially offers you. In case […]

Questions About Car Insurance? We Can Help

Our law firm is built on a firm grasp of the law, the passion for seeing that it’s applied correctly, and the need to serve our Baton Rouge public. Our car accident attorneys are ready to help you recover damages incurred by injury from someone else’s neglect or malice. We have experience dealing with insurance companies […]

We Can Help After The Accidents, But We Try To Prevent Them Too

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers in Baton Rouge can help you if you get in an accident. We also try to help people not get in accidents through this blog. There is a lot to talk about when you get an auto injury lawyer. You have to get your account of what happened, keep track of all […]

Spencer Callahan Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Being involved in a car accident, not only means repairs and potential medical expenses. It also means you will need a car accident attorney in New Orleans that you can trust to advocate for you. This is the best way you can limit becoming a victim of the accident, circumstances, and an insurance company trying […]