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Our law firm is built on a firm grasp of the law, the passion for seeing that it’s applied correctly, and the need to serve our Baton Rouge public. Our car accident attorneys are ready to help you recover damages incurred by injury from someone else’s neglect or malice. We have experience dealing with insurance companies and working for them, so we know their game plan. Today, our blog review series will examine a couple of posts that use our expertise as personal injury attorneys who deal with insurance companies quite frequently. The first article gives you an excellent framework to make informed decisions about how much insurance you need and what to do when you need your insurance to go to work for you.

Our second article outlines how Direct Repair Programs benefit insurance companies and car shops far more than they benefit the client. It also exposes the deceitful nature of these programs. You’ll be astonished at what some insurance companies and repair shops may be trying to pull over on you.

Insurance Tips From A Baton Rouge Auto Injury Attorney”

“Statistics show that the average driver will be involved in a collision once every 17.9 years, so, chances are, that you will have to rely on your insurance coverage at some point. When this occurs, you need to know not only that you’re adequately covered by a reputable company, but also how to interact with from the insurance company.”

Pitfalls Of Insurance Recommended Body Shops”

“The right auto body repair center will provide quality work and parts. They will be forthcoming about the condition of your car and the timeline of repair. Unfortunately, finding such a shop is often more difficult that it would seem. Many collision centers take part in Direct Repair Programs (DRPs) with insurance companies, a relationship which may benefit both the shop and the insurance provider but certainly not the client.

Following most accidents, the insurance company will provide a recommendation for a collision center. In some cases, they may even lead you to believe that this particular shop is your only choice, that your repairs will not be covered under warranty if you go elsewhere, or that the work will take longer when not completed by a DRP facility. None of these statements are accurate. Here’s why…”