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Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers in Baton Rouge can help you if you get in an accident. We also try to help people not get in accidents through this blog. There is a lot to talk about when you get an auto injury lawyer. You have to get your account of what happened, keep track of all the paperwork, identify the parties who can help your case, and much more. We are going to revisit some of the essential blog posts from the previous year to remind everyone what we’ve covered and what to do if you find you need a car accident attorney. It’s easy  to overlook important information in a blog that is as active as this one, so it’s critical that we take some looks back. We will post a snippet from some of the informative posts we had as well as a link to the blog so you can check it out for more information.

Let’s lead our blog review off with a great post from last year that reviewed a Louisiana state law regarding the use of cell phones and devices while driving. The first law is a big one and it pertains to all of us.

Cellphones And Driving: Understanding Louisiana Law”

“Unfortunately, because the law varies so greatly from one state to the next, many are unsure of them. For Louisiana drivers, here is what you should know:

  • Texting is banned for all drivers
  • All cell phone usage is banned for those with a learner’s permit or intermediate license. It is also banned for all drivers under the age of 18 and school bus drivers
  • For drivers not listed in the stipulations above, there is no current ban on handheld devices

While you may not receive a ticket for handheld cellphone use in Louisiana, avoiding driving distractions of all kinds is the safest course of action. Rather than running the risk of bringing harm to yourself or others, wait until you are no longer operating your vehicle to make or answer a phone call, check email, or send a text.”

The next blog selection in our review expands the discussion on legal issues surrounding cell phone use while driving and looks at distracted driving, in general. How many of these are we guilty of each day? Hopefully, it’s less and less as we learn more about the dangers distracted driving poses.

“Top 5 Causes Of Distracted Driving”

“Distracted driving is defined as, “any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving,” and it poses a very real threat to motorists, pedestrians, and anyone else sharing the road. In 2010, 1 out of every 5 accidents involved an instance of driver distraction. Even more frightening is the fact that the newest generation of drivers is the most likely to engage in attention diverting activities while driving. In fact, studies show that 11 percent of drivers under the age of 20 who were involved in fatal accidents were distracted at the time.”