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Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers in Baton Rouge has the experience needed to advocate for you in personal injury cases and car accidents. If you were injured by the neglect or carelessness of another person, a personal injury attorney at our firm can get a bigger settlement than the insurance company initially offers you. In case after case, we have successfully advocated for our clients against the insurance companies.

Our blog review series has covered several topics thus far, but no topic is more compelling than when someone is injured or killed by a drunk driver. We are going to look at a blog that reveals some worrisome statistics regarding this dangerous act and also sets forth a path to receive justice. We also revisit one of our auto accident blogs that articulates what sets our car accident lawyers apart from the rest.

Justice For Louisiana Victims Of Drunk Driving”

“Unfortunately, not only are motorists in Louisiana equally at risk of falling victim to a drunk driver, our state’s number of fatalities has actually increased. In 2012, 241 Louisiana traffic deaths resulted from drunk driving, increasing 10 percent from 2011. Knowing that there are intoxicated drivers on the road and that upcoming holidays such as Mardi Gras and St Patrick’s Day mean heavy alcohol consumption, should make drivers more wary. Additionally, it’s important to know what steps to take should you be involved in an accident with a suspected drunk driver. Here are the most critical of those steps…”

Need A Lawyer For A Car Accident In Baton Rouge?”

“Were you injured in a Baton Rouge car accident? If so, you aren’t alone. In 2013, over 7,000 auto accident injuries were reported just in East Baton Rouge Parish, and with the recent revelation that Louisiana officially has the worst drivers in the nation, these numbers are really no surprise. According to a new report, our state scored poorly in multiple categories, including drunk driving, failure to obey traffic laws, and number of fatalities per 100 million miles driven. In the end, these numbers all add up to unsafe roadways and thousands of motorists injured due to the fault of another.”

Being involved in an auto accident is worrisome enough. You don’t need the worry that you are going to get taken advantage of by an insurance company. Our team has years of experience in these matters. And you better believe the insurance companies have a lot of experience in lowering what they have to pay out.