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Personal Injury Considerations When Dealing With The Medical Field


When you need a personal injury attorney, it’s likely that it may have been the result of an incident that preceded a trip to the emergency room. You also may need an injury attorney to get some information on medical malpractice. At Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, we work hard to ensure you have the information you need to consider in cases like these. This blog review series, which most recently discussed important information about choosing the right personal injury attorney, is one of the ways we get information out to you. As personal injury lawyers in Baton Rouge, we will help you sort the facts out of the emotion of being injured by someone else’s carelessness or malice. We will review a post that details what you need to consider regarding medical malpractice, and another article that details common reasons for people to go to the ER.

Medical Malpractice And What You Need To Know

“Many patients think of medical malpractice strictly in terms of hospital or surgery errors. However, mistakes can and do occur in all realms of medical care. Prescription mistakes may lead to an allergic reaction, nursing home negligence may result in injury or fatality, and a misdiagnosis may mean inaccurately treating an illness or disease. Any of these situations have the ability to cause pain and suffering for the patient, their loved ones, and any caregivers involved. While it’s important to have the utmost levels of faith and trust in your medical team, it is also important not to trust blindly. Your doctor, hospital, and any medications should all be thoroughly researched, and if you are uncomfortable with a recommended course of treatment, seek a second opinion. Additionally, there are some facts that you need to know if you ever should become the victim of medical malpractice in the state of Louisiana…”

Top Reasons For Emergency Room Visits

“Of the total 2010 ER visits, 37.9% were attributable to injuries of some sort. Some of these were sustained in events such as auto accidents, while others occurred due to simple mistakes and avoidable human error. In a great many cases, slightly heightened awareness and caution could have allowed the mishap to have been avoided altogether. Check out this list of some of the top reasons for emergency room visits in the United States…”