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Santa’s Safe Travel Tips


Dear Santa,

As promised in our earlier letter, the legal staff here at Spencer Calahan Injury Attorneys has written some safety tips for you, in hopes that your travels on Christmas Eve go as planned. Today’s letter focuses on travel tips to make your trip safer and less stressful, and keep your contact with insurance agents to a minimum. Again, we have limited experience as magic sleigh drivers, so we had to fall back on our work as auto injury and personal injury attorneys for the background to comprise this short list of safe travel tips.

  • Don’t just park on anyone’s rooftop. Some roofs are better than others. You want to park your magic sleigh on rooftops that are well-lit and have a good line-of-sight, so it will be seen by innocent bystanders if anyone is stirring up any trouble at your sleigh. If you have a chance to park in the line of sight of someone working in the area, that’s even better.
  • In the city, parking garages are better than parking on the street, although in either case, you will want to store all the toys out of sight to reduce incentives for potential thieves. Hopefully, your magic sleigh is equipped with an equally magic trunk to place all those big-ticket items in.
  • Stop to stretch your legs. Even though you don’t have to stop for fuel, the reindeer still need to get a drink of water, and you need to keep your blood flowing throughout your body. Make sure you stop the sleigh every 2-3 hours to by doing some jumping jacks, which promotes healthy blood flow. This will get your whole body moving and refreshed. Medically, it is recommended that you stop every two or three hours to get that blood pumping. The big concern here is that you prevent your blood from pooling and clotting during inactivity.

There you have it, Santa. We urge you to follow these guidelines to have a safe trip and hope you find them helpful to your holiday travels.


Happy Holidays,

Spencer Calahan Injury Attorneys