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How To Handle Insurance Adjusters: Advice From Top Auto Injury Lawyers


If you were recently in an automobile accident, it’s likely that an insurance company has asked you to make a recorded statement with an insurance adjuster. It’s important to remember that we never advise that you do this without consulting your Baton Rouge auto injury attorney first. Why? Because your recorded statement could be used against you and cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. However, if you do choose to speak to an insurance adjuster first and make a recorded statement without speaking to us, there are some things that we suggest you keep in mind.

For most instances, an insurance adjuster will ask you to make a recorded statement immediately after your accident. During this stressful time, you often don’t know the extent of your injuries or how much work you will have missed due to these injuries. This is only one way that making a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster before speaking to us can hurt your interests. Moreover, once you make a recorded statement, it can be very difficult for you to correct or explain your words afterwards.

If you’re being asked to give a recorded statement, please call Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers at 225-387-2323 or fill out our form here for a FREE case evaluation.  If you have a viable case, having Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers on your side is invaluable. Keep in mind that oftentimes claims must be filed before the applicable expiration date, so it is critical for you to act as soon as possible.