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At Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, your local auto injury attorney in Baton Rouge, one of our experienced lawyers will understand that when you are injured in an auto accident you will likely have to deal with much more than car repairs. If you are injured in a head-on collision or are rear-ended you may also suffer from doctor bills, medication costs, loss of income, pain, and suffering. Today we’re specifically exploring trucking accidents and how complicated they can be – especially when you’re looking to sue who is at fault for damages.

If you are the victim of a trucking accident, understanding who is responsible for your injuries can be tough! There is often a complicated web of people who could be liable, and figuring out who they are isn’t always easy. Here’s a list of some of the companies and people that may be on the hook when you’re involved in a trucking accident due to negligence:

  • the driver of the truck
  • the owner of the truck or trailer
  • the person or company that leased the truck or trailer from the owner
  • the manufacturer of the truck, tires, or other equipment that may have caused the accident (or contributed to its severity)
  • the shipper or freight loader (in cases involving injuries caused by a truck’s cargo)

To make matters even worse and more frustrating, the trucking, hauling, and leasing companies often argue among themselves over whose insurance will compensate you and the damages caused by their negligence. Your best bet in trucking accidents is to consult Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers because we have experience with these types of cases and know what to expect from the parties involved.