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What Determines Who Is At Fault In An Auto Accident In Baton Rouge?


Let’s face it. Not every driver on the road practices safe driving. In fact, some individuals seem to take traffic lights, speed limits and drunken driving laws as nothing more than a suggestion. This carelessness,  or what’s often referred to as negligence, is the cause of the majority of car accidents these days. Figuring out who is at fault in a traffic accident is a matter of deciding who was careless and sometimes things can get complicated. That’s why you need to hire Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, your local auto injury attorney in Baton Rouge, to handle your personal injury case. We know exactly what to look for and how to determine who is at fault.

There is a set of official written rules that instruct people on how they are supposed to drive while providing guidelines by which liability may be measured. These rules of the road are the traffic laws everyone must learn to pass the driver’s license test. Sometimes it’s clear that the cause of your accident was a violation of one of these traffic codes and sometimes it’s not so obvious. For example, when a crash occurs where drivers both merge into a single lane of traffic, it may not be so obvious which traffic codes were violated. These cases may be governed by the law of negligence. A driver, pedestrian, or cyclist who behaved in a thoughtless or careless manner will likely be found at least partially at fault for causing the accident.

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