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Can You Be Found Liable If You’re Rear-Ended?


At Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, we know how to anticipate and handle the strategies employed by large corporations and insurance companies. We are pleased to proclaim that we are exclusively a plaintiff law firm handling only the claims of real people confronting real emotional, medical, and legal issues. As a preferred car accident lawyer in New Orleans, we handle a lot of unique cases and situations. Today we’re exploring whether or not you can be found liable if your car is rear-ended in a car wreck.

So you were recently rear-ended in a car accident. For the most part the accident is virtually always that driver’s fault, regardless of the reason you stopped. One of the basic rules of the road is that a driver should be able to stop safely if the vehicle in front of them comes to a stop. If, as a driver, you cannot stop your vehicle when the driver in front of you stops their vehicle, it is regarded that you aren’t driving as safely as the person in front of you.

In some situations, both you and the car behind you will be hit when a third car runs into the car behind you and pushes it into the rear of your car. In that case, it is the driver of the third car who is at fault and against whose liability insurance you would file a claim.

If you were recently rear-ended in an automobile accident, call Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers today for help!