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The cost of being involved in an auto accident can go far beyond how much money is spent to repair a vehicle or fix private property. You may incur injuries that will make you unable to work which will impact many other aspects of life after that. You also may incur a serious injury that can leave you hospitalized for a period of time that and add up financially beyond costs you can afford without the right protection. The ultimate price paid for some involved in a car accident is death, and that is a price that no one wants to afford. When you are in an accident in Baton Rouge, you need someone to help protect you from enduring the financial impact that you will experience. When you get the support of an aggressive Car Accident Lawyer fighting on your side for every bit of compensation you deserve, you can focus solely on your recovery process without having to endure the burden of representing yourself in the legal battle with insurance companies and other parties involved in. Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers can handle any case involving you being injured in a car accident and have the experienced team that knows how to fight the insurance companies for you.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle accidents have been on the decline slightly over the last decade.
• 2002 – 2.94 million injuries
• 2003 – 2.86 million injuries
• 2004 – 2.79 million injuries
• 2006 -2.54 million injuries
• 2008 – 2.35 million injuries
• 2009 – 2.22 million injuries
• 2010 – 2.24 million injuries
• 2011 – 2.21 million injuries
• 2012 – 2.36 million injuries
As technology continues to grow, our vehicles are being designed safer than ever. But that does not mean that cost have gone down for the involved parties and insurance companies as well as the insured drivers that feel the impact in their own insurance premiums. In 2010 the CDC said that the total cost of medical care, injury care, and productivity loses that were associated with auto accidents was over $99 billion, which breaks out to roughly $500 for each insured driver in the US. Pretty astounding numbers and show that when you are hurt in an accident, there are costs involved that can change their lives forever.

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