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How Much Will My Personal Injury Claim Be Worth?


It’s important to know that there are a myriad of factors that go into determining what a personal injury claim will be worth. Each case is different and as professionals we will sit down with you and go over your case before giving you any quote on compensation. As the premier auto injury attorney Baton Rouge residents turn to when they need help with personal injury, we’re the people to come to when you need to file a personal injury lawsuit. While we can’t give you a specific number on what your personal injury claim is worth, we can give you some general information that will lead you closer to an answer.

Firstly, consider this:  factors that can affect the worth of claim include the nature and extent of the injury, the nature and extent of medical treatment already received, the nature and extent of the liability of each person involved, the type of work conducted by the injured person and the ability of the injured person to return employment, the need for future medical care needs, the location where the injury occurred, and the amount on insurance available, to name a few.

In the event of a catastrophic spinal cord or brain injury, the damages can be devastating to the injured person and their family, especially if the injury prevents the person from working again.  If caused by the fault of another, injured parties are entitled to recover not only their past medical care, but also any future medical care that they will likely need.  The same goes for lost wages.  The injured person (and their family in some cases) is entitled to recover for past and future lost wages.  When a person is seriously injured, the amount of past and future damages can be staggering.  Even for a middle class wage-earner who is seriously injured and can no longer work, it is not uncommon for these damages to be in the millions of dollars.

When a person is injured but makes a full recovery, obviously the claim is not worth as much. The duration of the injury is often a major component in how insurance companies evaluate claims.  When a person fully recovers quickly, that person is fortunate.  Unfortunately, the value of the claim is not worth as much as one in which the injured person required a longer period of time to recover.”

If you’re not sure how much your claim is worth or if you even have a claim, call Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers today!