Don’t Let The Cost Of An Auto Accident Impact The Rest Of Your Life

The cost of being involved in an auto accident can go far beyond how much money is spent to repair a vehicle or fix private property. You may incur injuries that will make you unable to work which will impact many other aspects of life after that. You also may incur a serious injury that […]

Baton Rouge Injury Attorney Commercial Outtakes

If you have watched any local television lately, you may have caught some of the brief station identification messages with Spencer Calahan. For many years, these brief blurbs were reserved for the local stations’ personalities. Today, Spencer has carved out his own niche within the Baton Rouge advertising market through the station ID’s for SEC […]

Bicycle And Pedestrian Safety In Baton Rouge

Sharing the road with other drivers, many of whom may not always follow necessary safety precautions, presents an ongoing hazard to motorists on Baton Rouge roads. In 2013, there were over 42,000 vehicle accidents with injury in the state of Louisiana and a total of 69,000 injured parties. However, it isn’t only those inside a […]