How to Properly Document For An Accident Claim

Documenting Your Auto Accident When it comes to auto accidents, there are so many different things that can happen when trying to deal with the aftermath. Imagine, you are driving safely down the road when suddenly you are t-boned by another vehicle. As you sit in your car in the middle of an intersection, you […]

Types of Auto Insurance

We all have heard the terms “full coverage,” and “liability,” but what do those terms mean? Your trusted Baton Rouge personal injury attorneys here at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers are here to explain the types of auto insurance you may or may not know about.   Full Coverage: A somewhat illusory term, full coverage actually […]

Top Three Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Injury Attorney

You were recently in a car accident and your whole world is suddenly turned upside-down. Not only is your vehicle out of commission but you are as well. All of the the injuries you have sustained are keeping you from work and the bills are adding up. This is a classic case of what car […]