Pitfalls Of Insurance Recommended Body Shops

Confusion abounds following an auto accident. Everything happens so quickly that it often leaves heads spinning and those involved wondering what’s next. What happened? Who was at fault? Is anyone hurt? With so many critical questions and immediate decisions to be made, the one of where to send your vehicle for repair may be very […]

Baton Rouge Attorney Reveals: Most Common Auto Accident Injuries

You were in an accident. It was a difficult experience, but you made it through unscathed. Then, days later, you begin to experience headaches or back pain. Are the two possibly connected? The answer is yes, they may very well be. Injuries from auto accidents are incredibly common. In fact one in three collisions will […]

Why Doesn’t My Insurance Company Want Me To Hire An Attorney?

You’ve been in an accident. It’s unfortunate, frustrating, and impactful to more than one aspect of your life. This is even more so the case if you have sustained an injury. Suddenly, you have to deal with doctor’s appointments, medical bills, and hours fighting to recover your damages. Many people are often surprised to find […]

How Much Interaction Should I Have With The Insurance Company?

When an auto accident results in injury and a claim, victims often ask exactly how much interaction is okay to have with the insurance company or adjuster. It’s a wise question to ask. After all, insurance companies have a reputation for misconstruing statements and denying legitimate claims. While it is true that there should be […]

How To Document Your Auto Accident And Injuries

It can be difficult to think clearly after an auto accident. Confusion often prevails while trying to determine what exactly happened, who is at fault, and address damages and injuries. There is so much happening and so many people on scene that victims often forget that this a critical time when they can and should […]