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How Much Interaction Should I Have With The Insurance Company?


When an auto accident results in injury and a claim, victims often ask exactly how much interaction is okay to have with the insurance company or adjuster. It’s a wise question to ask. After all, insurance companies have a reputation for misconstruing statements and denying legitimate claims. While it is true that there should be a certain amount of limitation in what happens between victim and insurance, there are some instances in which it is okay to provide information directly to them. Here is what you should know about interacting with the insurance company after your accident:

Should I Speak to the Insurance Company?

The very simple answer to this question is yes, but in limited circumstances and only with the consent of your lawyer. In situations such as initial conversations with the adjuster, it will likely be okay for you to speak with them. You, better than anyone else, will know where your vehicle is or when it will be available for them to assess the damage. Very small details such as these are typically fine to discuss without your attorney present. However, more detailed or case-specific conversations about the accident or your injuries should never occur in the absence of your lawyer.

The best way to know if a specific conversation will have a negative impact on your case is to first contact your attorney. Once you have representation, err on the side of caution and get their input before speaking to anyone in person or over the phone. Certainly, one topic that is never okay to discuss without attorney guidance is the accident or your resulting injuries. If these questions begin to arise, defer the matter to your lawyer.

Should I Sign Documents from the Insurance Company?

The resounding answer to this question is no. You should never sign any document from the insurance company without first having it thoroughly reviewed by your attorney. Many victims have unknowingly damaged their case by signing what seemed to be an inconsequential piece of paper. The fine print on these documents can have a significant impact on your final settlement amount. Do not take the word of a representative of the insurance company. Instead, rely on the counsel whom you have retained to represent your best interest.

While you will likely have to have some level of interaction with the adjuster or insurance company, it is imperative to ensure that it does no harm to your claim or final settlement amount. For those who do not regularly interact with insurance, it is nearly impossible to identify their tricks and insider tactics. Lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases do this on a daily basis and are best equipped to help you avoid any pitfalls along the way.

If you are in Louisiana and have recently been injured in an auto accident, contact Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers. With over 100 years of combined experience, our attorneys are skilled in handling insurance claims and helping victims navigate to the best possible settlement. To have a free evaluation of your own case, click here, or call our office directly at (225) 387-2323.