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How To Document Your Auto Accident And Injuries


It can be difficult to think clearly after an auto accident. Confusion often prevails while trying to determine what exactly happened, who is at fault, and address damages and injuries. There is so much happening and so many people on scene that victims often forget that this a critical time when they can and should be documenting the wreck and their injuries.

Evidence that is at the scene of your accident can be beneficial to your case. Eye witnesses, street cameras, and of course the police report will all help tell the story of what exactly happened. However, this information may not be available for several days or even weeks. Furthermore, there are often details of the wreck that only you, as an involved party and injured victim, will be able to provide. To best support your case, there are a few steps that can be taken at the scene of the crash to document important details:

  • Insurance and Contact Information – If at all possible, do not leave the accident until having obtained all the necessary information about the other driver. Write down their name, address, driver’s license number, vehicle plate number, and insurance information. Having this information will allow an attorney to begin working on your claim very quickly, even in the event that a police report is not yet available. Additionally, obtaining the contact information of any witnesses who can support that the other driver was at-fault may prove helpful as well.
  • Take Pictures of the Scene – Photographs can provide invaluable clues as to what really took place in an auto accident. Location can be determined, along with the point of collision. Be sure to take pictures of the point of impact and damage to both vehicles and any structures that may have also been involved. Also capture photos of debris and skid marks. These visual aids will help immensely in putting together a complete account of what took place.
  • Take Pictures of Injuries – If you or a passenger in your vehicle has sustained visible injuries such as cuts or bruises, document these in photographs as soon as possible. These may heal quickly, and having visual proof can not only support your claims, it can also demonstrate the severity of the crash.
  • Give Detailed Statements – You will be asked for your account of events for the police report, shortly following your accident. It is important that you provide as much detail for the officer as possible, while the incident is still fresh in your memory. The insurance company will rely heavily on this report when determining fault and financial responsibility for the accident.

Memories fade and what once were crisp details become foggy recollections. In the event of an auto accident, it is imperative to preserve these details through thorough documentation. If a personal injury lawsuit results from the collision, such records can make a large impact on the length of the case as well as the settlement amount received.

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