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How to Recognize a Drunk Driver After a Crash


Drunk driving remains a rampant problem despite its well-known dangers. A drunk driver poses a massive threat because they’re impaired. They have a diminished ability to function, and they’re not in complete control of a moving vehicle. 

When you’re hurt in such a car accident, you have the right to sue and pursue compensation for the damages you suffer. This, however, depends on how much evidence you can gather and present to prove impaired driving. Having professional legal representation can also accelerate the process, making it easier to get your compensation.   

There are several telltale signs of drunk driving you can note down to strengthen your claim. 

Determining Whether a Driver Is Drunk after an Accident

Recognizing a drunk driver can also give the police probable cause to administer sobriety tests. Here are some things to look out for and what evidence your lawyer can use to help you get compensated for your injuries. 

Poor Coordination and Drunken Condition

When a driver you suspect is drunk hits you, observe their coordination. This includes how they exit their vehicle, walk, reach out for items, and so on. 

If the driver is staggering or appears clumsy, they may be intoxicated. Your lawyer may note their behavior as a sign to be used in your settlement or court case.

Likewise, if you choose to engage the driver, their speech and how they talk might tell whether they’re drunk. 

Are they having a problem constructing sentences, dragging their words, suddenly changing rhythm and speed when talking, or failing to make sense? All these can be indicators of a drunk person.

Absence of Skid Marks

Skid marks indicate that a driver attempted to brake before the car accident. Since drunk drivers are impaired and slow to react, the absence of skid marks may imply they were too impaired to brake and prevent a crash. 

The Smell of Alcohol on Their Breath

Alcohol is easily absorbed in the lungs, tongue pores, and mouth and can stay there for hours.

When speaking with the driver, watch out for a smell of alcohol in their breath as a sign of intoxication. These signs may indicate a need for a sobriety test, which can be used to support your claim. 

Bloodshot, Teary, or Glassy Eyes

Alcohol also affects veins in the eyes by filling them up with blood or causing dry eye syndrome

If the driver’s eyes are overly red or teary, they might have been drinking and driving. And if you see them using eye drops, they might be trying to hide the signs.

Confirmation from an Establishment

Finally, if you suspect that the driver was drinking in a particular bar or restaurant, you can contact the establishment to ascertain your suspicions. Your lawyer can get in touch, seeking the information you may need. 

Since Louisiana has anti-dram shop laws that prevent an establishment from being held liable if the driver is of legal age. They may be willing to give you all the information you need. 

Get Legal Help After a Drunk Driving Crash

With more than two decades of helping victims of drunk driving crashes, the attorneys at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers understand the aftermath of such incidents all too well. We’re committed to helping you get back on your feet as soon as possible by holding the responsible parties accountable.

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