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Louisiana Car Accident Laws to Know


Louisiana Car Accident Laws to Know 

If you’ve been in a car accident on the Louisiana roadways, then you know how devastating it can be. You may need to seek compensation for the damages that were done. When this happens, it’s vital to know car accident laws that can impact your claim. 

Before you go to court, talk about the laws that can help or hurt your claim with a lawyer. An attorney can help you get the answers you need. 

Moving Your Vehicle

If possible, once the accident has occurred, try to move the vehicle out of the road. Louisiana law requires that the vehicle is removed from the road and onto a soft shoulder. This will allow traffic in the area to keep moving. 

However, you need to stay at the scene of the accident. If you leave the scene, you may face penalties for fleeing the scene of the accident, which can hurt your case. Be sure that you follow the law and stay at the scene. 

Accident Reports

Local law enforcement needs to know about the accident so a police report can be made. According to Louisiana laws, law enforcement officials have to be notified if there has been over $500 in damages made, an injury, or a death. 

In other instances where it might not be required, it can be hugely beneficial to do so anyway. You can have the police write a report, find who is at fault, and take documentation of the incident. 

The Pure Comparative Negligence System

According to Louisiana law, fault and liability of a car accident are determined based on the pure comparative negligence standard. This essentially means that each driver involved in the accident is responsible for the relative liability or percentage of fault in the particular accident. 

For example, someone else may have caused the accident, but you may have been texting and driving. While you didn’t cause the accident, the defense may claim you should only recover a portion of the funds you’re due. 

While this may reduce the compensation you receive, it doesn’t mean you can’t recover compensation at all. It does mean, however, that you may need to speak with your lawyer about defending your case. You have a chance to prove you’re due the full value of your car accident claim and that you weren’t partially responsible. 

Louisiana Statute of Limitations

In Louisiana, there is a statute of limitations on when you can file a lawsuit. Liberative prescription determines the time limit that you have to take action. 

If you don’t sue in time, your claim may be dismissed. That means you’ll receive none of the compensation you’re due. Reach out for help acting now on your car accident claim. 

Get Answers After a Louisana Car Accident from a Lawyer

Trust in a law firm that knows about car accidents and what needs to be done. You want someone on your side to guide you through complex state laws, and with the right law firm, you know you have them. 

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