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Auto accidents. They happen every single day. In fact, according to The Association For Safe Internal Travel, there are 3,287 deaths per day from car accidents, costing Americans over $230.6 billion each year. With this number being so high, it’s important to know what they dangers are on and off the road.

One “danger,” you’ll face is the insurance company not offering you enough money for your settlement. What people don’t realize is that this is often the case, which is why it’s so important you hire a personal injury attorney. They can represent you, to find out if you’re getting your proper dues. Without an auto accident lawyer, you could find yourself suffering for years to come, without ample compensation to help you cope with your reality.


Oftentimes, insurance companies only assess current damages, and can’t account for what you might suffer in the future. For example: You were rear ended by a distracted driver, you hit your head on your steering wheel so hard that you suffer from frequent concussions, and are now more vulnerable than ever to them. As you continue with these condition, you now also suffer from frequent headaches. The insurance company grants you 10,000 dollars and you decide to accept. What you didn’t know was that you could potentially get more money. With a personal injury attorney, they can examine your case so that they know how to fight to get what you’re owed.


It should be understood that your auto accident lawyer can fight tooth and nail for you, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. However, not hiring an accident attorney gives you no chance at getting more money. Be sure to contact your personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge today.