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Today is the day for Ricky. He was in a car accident two weeks ago. He was on his way to the local cable company where he worked as an installer when it happened. His hours were regular, and the pay was okay, although he certainly wasn’t getting rich. Since he was on his way to work, his wife, Rebecca, who hates to be called Becky, wasn’t in the car. Thank The Man Upstairs for that, because the guy T-Boned him right where she would’ve been sitting. Up to this point in his life, Ricky never had a reason to call a car accident lawyer, and he didn’t think he needed one now since the accident was the other guy’s fault. Plus, both parties carried valid car insurance.

Despite being able to return to work after a couple of days, Ricky hasn’t been the same since the accident. Since that day, he has had paralyzing headaches that force him to get out of the bright light and sit down for a while. He was up on the roof a few days ago disconnecting a dish when a headache hit and he about fell off the roof.

The other guy’s insurance called a couple of hours ago with some questions about the accident. He told them he was at work and couldn’t talk now but could call when he was off. He didn’t see any harm in talking to the other insurance company. The police had already said it was the other guys fault for running the red light.

He called Rebecca at lunch and told her that he was going to tell the insurance company about his headaches and ask about their settlement process. The hair on the back of her neck stood up, “No!” she said, startling him with her insistence. “They’re calling to poke around and see if you’ll say something so they can try to justify denying your claim. They’re not making sure you’re doing okay. Insurance companies are notorious for calling the victim and finding some preposterous reason to deny the claim.”

Today is the day Ricky made a phone call about his car accident. But instead of calling the other guy’s insurance company back, he called an auto injury attorney.

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