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What You Should Know About Medications And Malpractice



When many people in Baton Rouge think about needing a medical malpractice lawyer, it’s usually because they’ve be the victim of surgical errors or fear that someone they love was the victim of a wrongful death. However, it’s important to realize that malpractice can still occur even when no surgical procedure or death occurred. One area of legal focus for Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers involves medical negligence during the prescription of medication. If you or a loved one was prescribed an incorrect or dangerous medication, and suffered any type of adverse reaction, here are some things you should know.

Drug Interactions And Allergies

Prescription medications are an important part of modern medical care. When properly prescribed, they can be the difference between declining health and even death, or a long life full of normal activity. However, when it comes to prescriptions, most patients are completely at the mercy of their medical professional. Without the years of training and research it takes to become familiar with all the drugs on the market today, patients must trust that their doctor and/or pharmacist is making the right decision when it comes to the substance prescribed as well as dosage.

Contamination And Human Error

Any type medication error, whether it be contamination at the factory or an improper dosage on the prescription, is very serious and puts the patient at risk for dangerous health complications. If you’ve had any type of allergic reaction, injury, worsening of condition, or development of new health conditions because of a medication error, it’s important that you contact a malpractice attorney right away. You may be eligible for financial compensation to make up for anylost earnings, a decreased quality of life, as well as pain and suffering.

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