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What is the “Share the Road” Movement?


The Share the Road movement has its roots in Florida. While not as old as some may think, the idea originally came about in 1992 in order to create permanent reminders around the country with license plates and bumper stickers. They are to remind drivers to be mindful of bikers and motorcyclists that also use the same roads. It wasn’t until 1999 that any legislation supporting such license plates was passed by the Florida legislature. When accidents do happen, it’s important to have a great bicycle or motorcycle attorney to help you through a very difficult time and process.
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What does “Share the Road” mean?



Beginning in the early 2000s, the Share the Road movement began sweeping the nation with the goal “to improve the safety of drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, runners, and pedestrians by promoting awareness, education, and understanding” in communities everywhere. The mission is to reduce, if not eliminate, deaths and injuries related to vehicle collisions individuals not in a car.

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Additional ways motorcyclists or bicyclists can protect themselves.



Along with wearing helmets, which we discussed in a previous blog, there are several different things that can help to improve safety on the road. Motorcyclists are able to take different safety classes through the Louisiana DMV in order to improve their skills and knowledge. Bicyclists should be well educated about the rules of the road in order to best follow traffic and the laws. Also, riding during appropriate weather conditions can help make motorcyclists and bicycles more visible to cars.

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If you’ve experienced an accident while on a motorcycle or bicycle, contact the attorneys at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers and we will fight to help you get your expenses covered and more.