3 Tips for Driving in Wet Conditions to Prevent Accidents

No one truly enjoys driving in adverse weather conditions. Being close to the Gulf of Mexico, we’re no strangers to regular storms and wet roads. When the road is wet the probability of getting into a car accident rises.Hydroplaning and poor road conditions can be a leading cause of car wrecks and injury when the […]

Drunk Driving Changes Lives, Never for the Better

According to the Center for Disease Control, roughly 112 million times a year an alcohol-impaired driver will put others on the road at risk. Additionally, of the millions of self-reported driving under the influence incidents each year, only one percent of individuals driving drunk are arrested. That leaves many more drivers still out there putting […]

What is the “Share the Road” Movement?

The Share the Road movement has its roots in Florida. While not as old as some may think, the idea originally came about in 1992 in order to create permanent reminders around the country with license plates and bumper stickers. They are to remind drivers to be mindful of bikers and motorcyclists that also use […]

Helmet Laws Help Prevent Death in Motorcycle Accidents

[grid_row_open class=””] [grid_col_open class=”helmet1″ palm=”100%” tablet=”50%” desktop=”50%” center=””] Every state has slightly different legal requirements with regard to equipment for motorcyclists and bicyclists. Some states don’t require that motorcyclist wear helmets, but do insist that they wear eye protection. Louisiana requires that all motorcyclists wear helmets that meet specific safety requirements. Motorcyclists are five times […]

What to Do When Wildlife Runs into the Road

It’s unavoidable. At some point, you will probably hit an animal crossing the road. In the United States, an auto accident involving an animal happens every 39 minutes according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Knowing what to do when you are confronted with this situation can be the difference in having an insurance claim […]