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Ways To Avoid Distracted Driving


Welcome back to the Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers Blog. In our most recent post, our personal injury attorneys did a blog review on the dangers of texting while driving. We found several scary statistics about the dangers of multitasked driving. As auto injury attorneys in Baton Rouge, we see avoidable accidents every week. Today, we broaden our previous discussion out to distracted driving. In our first article, we look at a hypothetical driver who has distractions that are very common to many drivers. Can you identify with any of them?

Distracted Driving Is Dangerous”

“In our last post, we used our experience as auto injury attorneys to look at the dangers of distracted driving through a scenario that happens every day of the week. Our driver, Jeff, a busy working single dad picking his son up from school, has many things in common with every one of us that take to the streets every day. He’s extremely busy. He has conflicting responsibilities at home and at work. He loves his son and goes out of his way to let him know how much he loves him. Sound like anyone you know? The names and gender may be different, but the situation is very familiar. We all try to squeeze more activity into less time.”

How many of Jeff’s distractions did you identify with? Have any of them been a distraction to you or someone you were riding with in the past? In the next blog review, we discuss ways to avoid being a distracted driver. Discussion without real solutions is just talking, so here are some keys to avoiding distracted driving.

3 Keys To Avoid Distracted Driving”

“In our most recent blog post, we broke down that post and related it what many of us experience in that many of us have jobs that are demanding of our time and test our ability to balance them with the time we spend with our loving families and friends. Distracted drivers aren’t always careless teenagers or a hopeless drunk. A distracted driver can simply be someone caught up in their day and doesn’t realize that everything can change in one second if they’re distracted with something less important than being an attentive driver.”

“With all that said, which distractions belonged in which category?”