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Questions To Ask Your Auto Injury Attorney In Baton Rouge


Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers opened in 2000 after Spencer Calahan spent the first years of his legal career in the field of insurance defense. Before opening the practice, Spencer observed the questionable actions and tactics being used by some insurance companies in personal injury cases. This is why we’ve decided to use our talent to represent the interests of the victims and their families when they need an auto injury attorney in Baton Rouge. Today we’ve got some tips on questions you should be asking when first speaking to your auto injury attorney.

1. Ask how your auto injury attorney charges. Do they charge hourly fees or do they charge on a contingency basis? While contingent fee lawyers charge a percentage – usually around 30% – of the total settlement you receive. Still, this can be a better bet for many individuals who cannot afford the hourly fees a lawyer would charge if he or she didn’t win his or her case.

2. Ask what court fees and costs you will be responsible for. Even if a lawyer charges on a contingent fee basis,  it may be possible that you’re responsible for court costs, fees, and other costs the lawyer incurs in investigating and bringing the lawsuit. Find out what costs you will be responsible for even if you lose the lawsuit.

3. Do you even have a case to sue? This is a very important question.  To recover damages, you have to prove that the other person was negligent or acted with a reasonable degree of care when he or she caused the accident.

If you were recently in a car accident, call your local auto injury attorney in Baton Rouge: Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers.