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Someone Intentionally Harmed Me—Can I Sue?

When someone intentionally harms you, you may be thinking about a lawsuit to cover the costs of your injuries. But can you sue for these injuries? Generally, you have the opportunity to sue if another person’s negligence or malice causes an injury, but intentional torts can be complex. 

The team at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers is here to help you determine your options when someone tries to harm you. Reach out for help if you’re injured and need help filing your lawsuit. 

Types of Intentional Torts

If a wrongful act causes harm, then that act is known as a tort. Intentional torts can also be criminal. For this reason, we advise that you always discuss these matters with a personal injury attorney who will help you get justice. They can help you navigate the fact that the incident may be handled in both personal injury and criminal cases. 

To successfully file for personal injury lawsuits, your lawyer must prove Intent. There are two types of intent: general intent and specific intent. General intent refers to careless actions by the at-fault party. Specific intent instead refers to acts that are intended to cause harm. 

It is important to note that intentional torts can consist of physical and non-physical injuries. Some of the common intentional torts to know about include the following:

  • Assault – Assault includes threats or attempts to injure another person. The fear of being injured can leave a lasting impact on you. 
  • Battery – Battery can include non-consensual touching, shooting, hitting, or striking using a blunt object. If you’ve been a victim of battery, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. 
  • Invasion of Privacy – This tort occurs when your reasonable expectation of privacy is violated. A violation of privacy can leave you feeling vulnerable and distressed. 
  • Defamation –  This tort is a result of making untrue or damaging statements against the plaintiff. These types of statements can impact your mental health, your relationships, and even your career. 

Damages to Expect When You Sue for Intentional Harm

When you file for a personal injury lawsuit, you may expect compensatory damages and punitive, or exemplary, damages. Compensatory damages consist of economic damages, property damages, medical expenses, and loss of earnings. 

Punitive damages are awarded, not to compensate you for your suffering, but to punish the wrongdoer. These damages are intended to deter future behavior like this, and those damages can help you recover. Your lawyer can help you determine whether you’re eligible to receive these damages in addition to your punitive damages. 

Get in Touch With a Personal Injury Attorney

The damages you can expect will depend on several factors such as the extent of the injury, and the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant. Your lawyer is here to help you get the funds you need when you’re hurt and suffering because someone intentionally harmed you. 

To know how much your case is worth, visit the law offices of Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers by calling 225-387-2323 or by completing the online contact form below.