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What Are Punitive Damages in Louisiana?

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving extreme misconduct, you may be wondering what punitive damages are in Louisiana. Sometimes called exemplary damages, punitive damages are monetary awards the court will grant to victims as a punishment to the defendant for appalling behavior that has caused injuries.

Cases That Warrant Punitive Damages

There are a number of circumstances that would compel a court to order the defendant to pay punitive damages in Louisiana. A few examples of those circumstances are listed below:

  • When you’ve been injured because of domestic violence
  • A vehicle collision involving gross negligence, such as a crash caused by a drunk driver
  • A dangerous product that has injured many people
  • Being injured in an accident because a dangerous situation was discovered and ignored
  • When you’ve been physically attacked

How Are Punitive Damages Different from Compensatory Damages?

Compensatory damages are monetary awards granted to a victim who has been injured by a negligent party. The purpose of these types of damages is to compensate the victim for losses.

Punitive damages are monetary awards granted to the case, not to the victim, but the money can be allocated to the victim, to the courts, to the state, or wherever else the court sees fit.

The purpose of these types of damages is to punish the defendant with the hope of deterring the defendant and others from engaging in this type of behavior again.

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Understanding what punitive damages are in Louisiana can mean greater compensation for you. What happened to you may warrant punitive damages because the person who injured you should be punished for your injuries and all you’ve experienced because of his or her recklessness.

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