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Personal Injury Case vs. Personal Injury


Oftentimes, our personal injury attorneys get cases that come across our desks that don’t necessarily qualify as a personal injury case. We want to make a clear distinction for our readers, of what a personal injury case actually is, and what qualifications it needs to be taken on by one of our accident attorneys.

Personal injury can take the many forms. It can be an auto accident, or an accident that occurs with in a friends or neighbors home. Every situation is different, but every personal injury case will beg one question: Did your accident occur due to the negligence of another?

Here’s an example of a personal injury case:

Barry is sitting at a red light in his mid-sized sedan, before the light turns green, he is smashed into on the rear of his vehicle by a large truck. The driver that hit him is a young female name Seanna, and was driving at speeds of 55 miles per hour when she hit Barry.

Seanna was texting and driving, which is why she didn’t see the red light, or Barry. Not only has she sustained injuries, but Barry is severely injured, and needs an ambulance.

* As a result of Seanna’s texting and driving, she has caused an auto accident in which a person was injured. Because of her negligence to drive safely and attentively, she’s caused harm to Barry, and he now has a personal injury case on his hands. Barry now has the right to contact a personal injury attorney to get his rightful dues for Seanna’s negligence.

Here is an example of a simple personal injury:

Todd drives a high speed motorcycle. He loves riding at excessive speeds, and tends to weave in and out of traffic. He’s not only not driving safely, but he’s breaking the laws of traffic. As he fails to yield at a red light, he is hit by another car. The other vehicle had the right of way, because they had a green light. Because Todd made the decision to drive unsafely, he has sustained injuries from an accident that he caused. Todd would not be entitled to a personal injury claim, because his injuries came as a result of his own actions, not the actions of the driver in the other vehicle.

Personal injury cases can be tricky. This is because every situation is difficult, and with the sensitivity that surrounds car accidents and those that are injured by them, it can be hard to gather proper evidence when you are involved in an auto accident. Fortunately, there is help available. Our injury lawyers are not only qualified, but they are experienced in personal injury law. They know exactly what is necessary for building your personal injury case, even if you yourself lack the evidence. Our attorneys will work endlessly to help you with your case. If you think you’ve been injured as a result of another driver’s negligence, and want to pursue a case, contact the professionals at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers today.