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6 Steps to Follow if You are in an Auto Accident


Whenever you’re in a car accident, even if it’s simply that you were rear-ended at a stop sign, it can be a jarring experience. It’s important that you take the appropriate steps to manage the situation and document what happened, even if you’re feeling anxious. If you’re in an accident and you’re able to apply the following steps to the situation, do so to help protect yourself and your property from possible complications in the future. If you find yourself in a difficult situation after your accident, call Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, your auto accident attorneys now!


1. Call 911

The laws dictating whether or not you are required to file a police report after an auto accident vary from state to state. In some cases, the requirement varies from insurance provider to insurance provider. If you are in an accident, the first thing you should do is make sure there are no immediate medical emergencies, followed promptly by calling 911 to bring a police officer to the scene.

2. Gather Information

It’s important to gather information from the other driver promptly. This can wait until the police officer arrives or you can choose to start this process immediately. Remember to collect and visually verify the following information:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Insurance company’s name
  • Insurance company’s phone number
  • Insurance policy number

3. Collect Witnesses

If there are any questions about what happened, it’s important to seek out witnesses. Individuals who saw the accident may stop and inquire about your condition. If that happens, and you’re healthy enough, grab witness names and contact information in order to be able to contact them later for a statement. Witness statements can be invaluable if your auto accident attorney needs to go to bat for you.


4. Take Pictures

A picture can go a long way in “telling” the story of what happened. Documenting the damage to your car, the scene of the accident, injuries, and any property damage can go a long way in providing a complete picture. Taking the pictures, even on your phone, promptly will provide the information needed for both insurance claims and possibly for your auto accident attorney.

5. File a Claim

Whether you’re the one who was hit or the one who hit someone else, it’s important to file a prompt claim with your insurance company. Verify with the insurance what happened and make sure they have all the information they need in order to process the claim quickly and efficiently. This can include contact information for all parties, what happened, the weather conditions at the time, and possibly a police report.

6. Contact an Accident Attorney

If you’ve been in an auto accident, outside of the police and your insurance, you may also need to contact your local accident attorney. Any accident involving an injury can have complications in receiving fair and timely compensation. Acquiring an accident attorney that can have your back through your compensation process and fight for more financial compensation for you can provide many benefits.

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