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This is the day for Jeff. He normally avoids distractions while he’s driving; however, he’s in a rush today to get his son, Jarick, 12, from middle school. It’s an early release day the school district has set up to give teachers and administrators a chance to plan. Jarick loves it because he gets out of school early on Tuesdays. Jeff hates it. As a single dad, he uses his Tuesday lunch half-hours to pick Jeff up from his school, run him home, grab some fast food, and race back to his work as a hotel bellhop.

Today though, he’s taking a little different route because he’s treating Jarick to a burger to get him to talk about the kid who’s been giving him some trouble at school. Jarick doesn’t always spill it for a combo meal, but a burger and fries usually does help. Thankfully, there wasn’t much of a line at the drive-through and Jeff got back on Airline Drive quickly, while he worked his son for some intel. As he stuffed a few fries in his mouth and waited for Jeff to give him something other than “I don’t know, Dad,” he received a text from work. He glanced at the text long enough to see it was from work, which prompted him to reach for his phone. Just then, the car in front of him stopped.

“Dad!” Jarick said, pointing ahead. Jeff, who saw his son’s eyes get as big as balloons, turned his attention back to the road and slammed on the brakes, just in time to stop before slamming into the rear bumper of the silver 2002 Corolla in front of him. Relieved, he thanked Jarick and turned his phone screen down.

Today was the day for Jeff because he didn’t have to learn the hard way that it isn’t good enough to be a focused driver most of the time. He didn’t need or cause anyone else to need an auto injury attorney today. He got a second chance. And Jarick, who will be driving soon, saw the danger of distracted driving too.