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Need A Lawyer For A Car Accident In Baton Rouge?


Were you injured in a Baton Rouge car accident? If so, you aren’t alone. In 2013, over 7,000 auto accident injuries were reported just in East Baton Rouge Parish, and with the recent revelation that Louisiana officially has the worst drivers in the nation, these numbers are really no surprise. According to a new report, our state scored poorly in multiple categories, including drunk driving, failure to obey traffic laws, and number of fatalities per 100 million miles driven. In the end, these numbers all add up to unsafe roadways and thousands of motorists injured due to the fault of another.

For these injured victims, the aftermath of their collision can be felt for weeks, months, and often years beyond the initial impact. Physical and emotional wellbeing may begin to deteriorate as chronic pain and an increasing inability to work or perform other tasks often builds. Unfortunately, these factors are typically coupled with the frustration of fighting for adequate compensation from an insurance provider. If you are one of these injured parties, then you no doubt understand the aggravation. The decision to hire a Louisiana injury lawyer becomes a necessity in order to navigate the process and maximize your settlement, but why should you choose Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers?

There is no shortage of personal injury firms in the state or even in Baton Rouge, and deciding which is the best choice to represent your case can seem overwhelming. Here is what you should know about Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers and what sets us apart:

  • We’ve Been on the Other Side – Spencer began his law career in the field of insurance defense. It was after firsthand witnessing the mistreatment of victims through questionable tactics employed by insurance companies that he decided to use his expertise to fight for justice for injured parties and their families. This unique perspective gives our practice the ability to anticipate and handle strategies used by large corporations and insurance companies to a degree that many other firms cannot.
  • We are Exclusively a Plaintiff Law Firm – Many firms practice in multiple areas of law and may represent a wide variety of clients and cases. At Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, our sole focus is handling claims of real people confronting emotional, medical, and legal issues. For our clients, this translates into a team of dedicated experts who truly understand your situation and how to help you reach the best possible outcome.
  • We Have a Strong Team – The staff of Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers is passionate about what they do, and everyone in our office is a caring and trustworthy resource for our clients. We have a team of seven (7) attorneys, all of whom have spent their careers protecting residents in their home state of Louisiana. Our attorneys have over one hundred (100) years of combined experience, so we are well equipped to handle any case.

If you are currently searching for a Louisiana injury lawyer, you are likely experiencing a great amount of frustration and confusion on top of the pain of your injuries. While there are many lawyers available to represent you, there are few who are able to do so with the same level of compassion and expertise as Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers. To learn more about our practice and how we may be able to help you, simply click here to request a free evaluation of your case, or call us directly at (225) 387-2323.