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Baton Rouge Injury Attorney Reveals Insurance Secrets


Take a look at any insurance marketing campaign, and you may just believe that these companies are your best friends. They tell you repeatedly that they are “like a good neighbor” or that “you’re in good hands.” Yet, as any auto accident victim can attest, these claims often fall short of reality. The fact is that these corporations are just that – corporations. The bottom line is keeping costs to a minimum and profits high, a formula that doesn’t lend itself to maximizing victim compensation.

By the time an individual seeks legal representation, they have often had a great deal of interaction with the insurance adjusters. This typically means that insurance professionals, trained to minimize claim payments, have answered questions, completed reports and given advice that may significantly impact the outcome of your claim. What many do not realize is that any communicating with the insurance company may ultimately affect their final settlement. It’s a reality that most insurance providers would rather be kept quiet. In fact, there are more than a couple of secrets that they simply do not want you to know. The reason is simple: knowing these secrets could mean a larger settlement. Here are just a few:

  • They Can Use Any Statements Made Against You – Immediately after an accident, you can expect an experienced insurance adjuster to investigate, gather evidence, and make contact with you. During this investigation, there will be much information collected through conversations and documentation, most of which will be used for the purpose of minimizing your money damages. Because of this tactic, you should be aware of every word said and action that you take, because it may be used against you at some point. For the sake of your claim and your ultimate settlement amount, it is very important that you avoid talking to any insurance adjuster, even an adjuster from your own insurance company, until after speaking with an attorney.
  • They Want To Settle Your Case Quickly – Adjusters are skilled in the craft of negotiating case offerings which are lower than the true value. They will use various tactics such as manipulating you into admitting fault and obtaining signed or recorded statements to close the case quickly. Unfortunately, until you hire an attorney, the adjuster will continue to discount the value of your case. The longer your case remains open, the more pressure the insurance company will put on the adjuster. In turn, the adjuster will continue to increase the sense of urgency to close your case and finalize your settlement. Unfortunately, if you discover new damages after you have settled your claim, you cannot recover for those damages.
  • They Do Not Like Organized Accident Victims – Failure to document or report any detail connected to your case can be used against you by the insurance company. For this reason, adjusters are often hopeful that important details of the accident such as resulting injuries will go unnoted. If you fail to report any injury, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, the omission can be used against you in a settlement. For this reason, it is crucial to report any potential injury at the scene of the accident or as quickly as possible thereafter to your healthcare provider.

An understanding of insurance tactics for reducing settlement offers is among the most powerful resources an injured victim can have. Too often, people fall prey to a company that they believe will treat them fairly when, in fact, the very opposite is true.

To help protect accident victims and the compensation that is rightfully theirs, Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers has put together a free, informative guide: “7 Secrets Your Insurance Company is Hiding From You.” In this guide, you will learn more about the tactics that insurance companies and adjusters use to reduce settlement amounts and close claims quickly. You’ll also discover the benefits of hiring a auto injury attorney to handle your case, including how much more a typical client receives as a result of their legal representation. To download this guide, simply click the image at the bottom of this article. Additionally, you may contact our office directly by clicking here or calling (225) 387-2323 and requesting a free evaluation of your case by one of our skilled attorneys.