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Hit and Run Victims


How To Handle A Hit and Run

Imagine this: You’re sitting at a red light patiently awaiting your turn to proceed when suddenly your airbags are deployed and you’re in pain. It’s smoky in the cabin,  and you now realize that someone has just slammed into the back of your vehicle. As you start to gather yourself and move towards evaluating the damage, the car that hit you begins to drive away. They’re  taking off from the scene of the accident, leaving you to deal with it yourself. It is at this moment you realize that you are a victim of a hit and run. Here is what you should do if this happens to you.

Tips For A Hit and Run

  1. License Plate Number – Do your best to get the license plate number written down. This is extremely important for finding the driver that hit you.
  2. Make/Model/Color – Taking note of these vehicle identifiers will also help you in finding the driver, but it will also be helpful information when you call your insurance company.
  3. Call the Police – If getting the license plate number isn’t the first thing that you do, calling the police should be. Letting them know right away what had just happened will help when you file a case against this person. This isn’t a typical auto accident, it is now a crime and  it is vital that you act fast.
  4. Call an Attorney – Get a hold of a personal injury attorney as soon as you can. You have just suffered quite a bit of damage, not only to your vehicle but to your health. While you may not feel aches and pains right away, there is a good chance you will soon, especially if the other driver was speeding.

There are many more actions you should take if you are a victim of a hit and run. Stay tuned to our next blog for more tips on how to handle this situation. And for more information, contact your personal injury attorney at Calahan Law.

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