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Hit and Run Victims Part Two


How To Handle a Hit and Run 

In our last blog we discussed the important steps you should take if you end up being a victim of a hit and run. Our last tips, while helpful, onl
y scratch the surface. We thought it was important to continue to cover the full extent of all tips that will help you to handle your hit and run situation. Here are a few more tips to equip yourself with if you should become a victim of this careless crime.

Tips To Handle Your Hit and Run 

  1. Look for Witnesses – After you’ve taken a look at the vehicle and have called the police, take a look at your surroundings, do you notice anyone else? Oftentimes there are people going about their own business in the vicinity of your hit and run, and may be able to provide you with even more information about the vehicle, or even the driver.
  2. Request an ambulance – As we said before, the chance of you not being able to tell how injured you are is high. Many accident victims are so flooded with adrenaline that they can’t tell how injured they really are. Having an EMT arrive at the scene can help you determine if you have severe injuries such as internal bleeding.
  3. Contact Family – Chances are you are very shaken up and may need help giving your personal information to the police and EMT’s. It can be difficult to focus and remember things after your traumatic experience, and it helps to have someone that you know around to keep you grounded. It’s also good to let a family member about your accident in the event you have to be transported to the hospital.

Call A Personal Injury Attorney

In the midst of all this chaos it may seem like a difficult task to call a personal injury attorney. However, not calling one can be the difference in whether you receive any help in handling your auto accident. For more information on hit and runs, contact Calahan Law, your Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney.

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