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3 Keys To Avoid Distracted Driving


The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration tells us that in a recent survey, 10 percent of parents report they have multiple message text conversations while driving. If 10 percent admit to it, how many text while driving but don’t admit to it? The auto injury attorneys at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers have recently posed a distracted driver scenario on this blog that deals with that statistic.

In our most recent blog post, we broke down that post and related it what many of us experience in that many of us have jobs that are demanding of our time and test our ability to balance them with the time we spend with our loving families and friends. Distracted drivers aren’t always careless teenagers or a hopeless drunk. A distracted driver can simply be someone caught up in their day and doesn’t realize that everything can change in one second if they’re distracted with something less important than being an attentive driver.

With all that said, which distractions belonged in which category?

First, Jeff is having an involved conversation with his son, which (as admirable as it is, it still a distracts from driving) is a cognitive distraction. Second, he was putting some fries in his mouth, which is a manual distraction, as it took his hand off the wheel. Finally, he received a text, which drew his eyes off the road, which is a visual distraction. You could also say that if he had the time to think about the work matter it contained, he was also experiencing another cognitive distraction. Either way, in this scenario, between the conversation, the fries, and the phone, Jeff was experiencing all three distractions to drivers.

How many did you get right?