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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Baton Rouge Injury Lawyer

Injuries occur every day and for a variety of reasons. A trip over the rug or an accidental cut with a kitchen knife are common mishaps that can happen to anyone. Typically, medical attention is sought or the wound bandaged and the person can continue on their way. However, things become more complicated when the […]

How Much Auto Insurance Coverage Should You Have And Why?

Protecting yourself on the road not only means wearing your seatbelt and ensuring the reliability of your vehicle, it also means carrying adequate insurance coverage in all the necessary areas. Most states institute minimum auto insurance requirements to better protect drivers, and driving without insurance can have serious consequences including tickets, fines, and driver’s license […]

5 Tips For Choosing A Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney

Finding a personal injury attorney may appear to be a simple enough task at first. You’ve likely seen countless commercials, billboards and print ads, so finding the one who will represent you probably doesn’t seem that difficult. However, selecting a personal injury attorney is no small matter. In fact, it is perhaps the most important […]