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Prairieville Personal Injury Lawyer

When the carelessness of another leaves you injured, you have to do everything possible to get the settlement your case demands. Get full compensation by working with a Prairieville personal injury lawyer.

In many cases, the hardest part of suffering an injury in an accident is figuring out how to pay for everything that follows. Medical bills, lost income, and a decreased quality of life are just a few of the things that you might be facing. Topping everything off can be the sense of injustice and violation involved with being hurt by someone else’s negligence.

However, you can seek compensation for what you’ve experienced if you weren’t the one at fault, although getting the settlement you are entitled to isn’t necessarily simple. A Prairieville personal injury lawyer from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers can guide you through this process, getting you the funds you need to get your life back on track.

Does Your Accident Qualify?

In general, almost any accident that results in an injury could qualify you to seek compensation through a civil lawsuit. There are some restrictions involving on-the-job injuries and medical malpractice, but the guiding rule is that if your injuries required significant medical care and you weren’t the cause, you can seek compensation.

These are just a few of the different situations that a Prairieville personal injury lawyer from our firm can help you with:

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving passenger cars, commercial trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles
  • Construction accidents involving malice, egregious negligence, or at-fault third parties
  • Premises liability incidents, such as dog bites, slip-and-falls, toxic substances, and fires
  • Product liability claims, including defective drugs and other examples of manufacturer negligence
  • Medical malpractice, whether it involves a doctor, nurse, surgeon, dentist, or pharmacist

Negotiating a Catastrophic Injury Settlement

Many injury victims worry about the necessity of going to court—even when they are confident that the other party was fully at fault. In truth, the majority of claims settle out of court through negotiations. However, this isn’t something you want to undertake without the help of experienced legal representation.

This process normally involves dealing with an insurance company or an opposing attorney, and neither of these entities will be interested in settling your claim for more than the bare minimum. They’ll also attempt to blame you for what happened as much as possible, as Louisiana’s comparative fault law will reduce your financial award according to how much of the fault you are found responsible for.

Our firm can tackle these issues for you head-on. By presenting the strongest case possible, we can convince the other side to meet your terms in order to avoid going to court. Should court become necessary, we’ll represent you throughout the process and do everything possible to win a favorable verdict.

Consult with a Prairieville Serious Injury Lawyer

A personal injury requires a full and comprehensive settlement to cover all of your financial damages and other losses. Work with Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers to discover the true value of your claim and determine what your next step should be.

To arrange a time to meet with an experienced Prairieville personal injury lawyer, simply complete the contact form below or give us a call at 225-387-2323.