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Prairieville Car Accident Lawyer

The injuries caused by an auto wreck aren’t just painful: They can also put your finances and future wellbeing at risk. You can seek monetary compensation from those at fault by working with a Prairieville car accident lawyer.

Sideswipes, rollovers, head-on collisions, T-bones, rear-end accidents—virtually any type of car crash has the potential to cause devastating injuries to those involved. These injuries can range from brain damage to spinal injuries to broken bones, but they will all require expensive medical care and decrease the victim’s quality of life.

If this situation sounds familiar, you have the option file a personal injury claim against the party responsible for your wreck. By recovering financial damages, you can obtain the means to pay for your recovery and get your life back to normal. A Prairieville car accident lawyer from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers can help you through this process, allowing you to receive the settlement you deserve.

Fault and Auto Wrecks

Getting the most from your personal injury case will require identifying everyone who played a role in causing the collision. Even if yours was a single-car accident, someone else could have been at fault for what happened, and a full investigation can uncover these details:

  • Distracted DrivingOne of the leading causes of traffic accidents, cell phone use is probably the most common distraction and can often be proven by requesting records from the driver’s provider.
  • Drunk Driving Whether drugs or alcohol were involved, a DWI conviction can help prove your case and push the majority of the fault onto the intoxicated driver.
  • Drowsy Driving – Especially common in wrecks with commercial vehicles, rest logs and long shifts can be used to prove that the other driver was too fatigued to drive safely.
  • Dangerous Roads – Large potholes, missing guardrails, and steep shoulder drop-offs cause many single-car accidents and could be used to implicate the government agency responsible for road maintenance.
  • Defective Auto Parts – From tires to brakes to engine components, if we can establish a link between a part’s failure and your accident, you can hold the manufacturer financially liable.

A Full Settlement for Your Car Crash

Once your Prairieville car accident lawyer has established who was at fault and how, the next stage will be assessing how much a fair settlement would be. Your compensation will need to include all of your current and future damages, whether they are financial or non-economic in nature.

The items listed below are just a few examples of what will need to be accounted for in the payout that you ultimately receive from the insurance company:

  • Medical expenses for surgeries, procedures, and evaluations
  • Mobility equipment, medication, and home renovations
  • Property damage and vehicle repair
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and therapy
  • Lost companionship and sexual function
  • Decreased quality of life

Help from a Prairieville Auto Wreck Attorney

Don’t allow an insurance company to dictate your claim’s monetary value. Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers can get you a larger settlement than what the insurance company wants to pay you—even after our attorney fees are deducted.

To find out what your claim could be worth and how to proceed, schedule a free case evaluation with a Prairieville car accident lawyer. Just call 225-387-2323 or complete our online contact form at the bottom of this page.