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How to Know You Have a Strong Auto Accident Claim


Although auto accidents are common, they’re likely uncommon for you. If you’ve recently been injured and you believe that you weren’t to blame for the crash, you might be wondering how to know whether you have a strong case.

A car accident lawyer is well-versed in the laws and factors that could affect your case’s viability. He or she can review your claim and determine whether it’s strong enough to pursue. However, there are some other ways to figure out whether you have a good chance of seeking damages for your injuries and losses.

Proving Fault in an Auto Collision

One of the most important aspects of any personal injury case is investigating the cause and proving fault. In order to seek compensation, you will have to determine who caused the auto wreck. Proving fault is not a matter of simply saying the other driver was to blame. You will need evidence to prove fault and thus liability for your damages.

There are many different types of evidence that could be used to prove a car crash claim. Some of the most common types are listed below:

  • Witness statements
  • Police reports and crash scene expert reports
  • Physical evidence
  • Video and photo evidence of the accident
  • Crash logs

Your lawyer should know which evidence best proves your claim and will work diligently to put together a strong case for you.

Medical Evidence of the Extent of Your Injuries

Next, you will need to prove the severity of your injuries in order to obtain fair compensation. The most important evidence that proves injuries and medical losses is, naturally, medical evidence. It’s vital that you collect and keep all medical evidence, beginning with your first hospital visit following the accident.

Additionally, you should keep all medical records, statements from your doctor, medical bills, and a detailed report of how your medical injuries have impacted your life. All of this medical information will help to strengthen your case.

Proof of Your Losses

Finally, the more proof you can show of your financial and non-financial losses, the stronger your case will be. If you have extensive medical bills, physical therapy and mental health treatment costs, missed work wages, or permanent injuries, you could have a strong auto injury claim.

Do You Need Help from a Car Accident Attorney?

Being involved in a vehicle wreck is a terrifying experience for anyone to endure. After the accident is over, though, the aftermath can be just as traumatic. You might be worried about how you’ll pay your growing medical expenses; you could be dealing with pain from your injuries; you could be wondering if you’ll ever be able to return to work.

If you weren’t responsible for the auto wreck, you are owed compensation and justice. Filing and proving your case  on your own can be difficult, especially when you’re still dealing with physical injuries.

To find out whether you have a strong case, call an attorney from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers at 225-387-2323, or complete the online form below.