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How Social Media Can Hurt Your Car Accident Claim


Social media includes popular internet platforms that millions around the world use every day. It is a great source to share information about yourself, and the day-to-day things that you do. It is almost natural to want to share with your friends and followers that you’ve been in an accident. 

Unfortunately, when social media is used after being in an accident, you may be setting yourself up negatively. Any information posted on social media can destroy a potential car accident case if you’re seeking compensation for your injuries. 

Comments as an Admission of Guilt 

There are so many comments that can be made after an accident. Things you may not mean could be said due to the stressful situation you’ve been in. People sometimes even apologize for the crash or events that happened, even if it wasn’t their fault. 

These are the statements that can hurt your case, especially since social media preserves everything you say. The defense team on the case can review, save, and use them against you. Even the insurance company’s attorneys can use these statements against you.

Remember, even the most innocent statements can be used against you. Even the slightest implication that the car crash was your fault can harm your case. It is best to not post anything on social media following a crash. 

The Defense Might Say You’re Not Actually Injured

Recovery is different for everyone. It can be a long, tough journey to go on for anyone. It is not uncommon to want to go spend time with family and friends or go to an event or party to get your mind off of the injuries you’re dealing with. 

However, for the defense, any moments like these that are shared on social media can be used to make the claim that you’re exaggerating. You may not actually be in pain or suffering because you’re able to do these things. 

Even if the photos or statuses posted do not tell the full story or extent of what you’re going through, they can still be used against you. Even if you were struggling to leave the house or in pain the entire time, they will paint a different picture in court.

Your Confidentiality May Be Impacted

Confidentiality is vital when working with your lawyer on the case. The details of the case should only be discussed between you and your attorney. When you share them outside of this, you’re breaking this confidentiality. 

When you share the information about the case, the accident, and more then you’re making it public. This could be anything from the circumstances of the crash, your physical health, and your medical conditions to your emotional state. 

Talk to a Lawyer about Your Car Accident Claim

Don’t do it alone. Know the proper way to handle your car accident claim, including why you should stay off of social media. It is best to be prepared for your car accident claim. 

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