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Insurance Negotiating Tactics to Watch for After an Accident

Being involved in an accident is always frustrating. But for many victims, what’s even more frustrating is trying to work with the insurance company. Many people know insurers will do whatever they can to protect their bottom line, but do you know the important insurance negotiating tactics to watch for after an accident?

Below, our attorneys highlight some common methods to keep an eye out for. We’re ready to help you handle insurers and recover the settlement you deserve.

They Won’t Talk to You

Most people know that getting in touch with an insurance representative can be difficult. However, in some cases, the insurers may flat-out refuse to communicate with you or go out of their way to avoid having a conversation.

This is usually done in the hope that you’ll drop the claim. They may avoid your calls or refuse to respond to letters, voicemails, or emails. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may not be sure how to get in touch with them, which could lead to a complete inability to recover compensation.

They’ll Hold Things Up Unnecessarily

In other cases, you may actually be able to get in touch with the insurance company representative. However, the insurer may then find other ways to hold up the process. For example, the insurer may come up with excuses or say it doesn’t have any information when you inquire about the status of your claim.

The reason the insurance companies use this tactic is similar to their reason for refusing to communicate with you. Their hope will be that, after a while, you’ll become so frustrated with trying to get an answer that you’ll either give up or accept whatever lowball settlement they eventually offer you.

They’ll Offer Less Than What Your Claim Is Worth

One of the most common insurance negotiating tactics could be called “the lowball offer.” This refers to a situation in which the insurer offers a settlement amount that doesn’t match the true value of your claim.

In an effort to get you to accept less than what you deserve, insurers may insinuate that the lowball offer is the only amount you will be offered and that they are absolutely unwilling to negotiate. Many accident victims don’t know any better and accept, leading them to recover far less than what they actually deserve or need.

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