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Justice For Louisiana Victims Of Drunk Driving

The dangerous effects of alcohol on drivers have become common knowledge over several decades of research and awareness. We now know that drinking reduces coordination, decreases our ability to track moving objects, and slows reaction time. Yet, an astonishing 17 million Americans admit to having driven while intoxicated. Unfortunately, most of these drivers make it […]

The Dangers Of Truckers And Driver Fatigue

Sharing the road with large trucks can be frightening. There seems to be no shortage of stories of inattentive or overly tired drivers running other motorists off the road or causing collisions. Given the size of these big rigs and the amount of time their drivers spend behind the wheel, it’s no wonder they can […]

Baton Rouge Injury Attorney Reveals Insurance Secrets

Take a look at any insurance marketing campaign, and you may just believe that these companies are your best friends. They tell you repeatedly that they are “like a good neighbor” or that “you’re in good hands.” Yet, as any auto accident victim can attest, these claims often fall short of reality. The fact is […]

What Is Car Accident Fraud?

Each year, many unfortunate drivers find themselves as victims in staged auto accident scams. The drivers who operate these schemes do so by forcing unknowing motorists into collisions. They then make false insurance claims to receive compensation. The tactics used to pull off these scams successfully vary and often require cooperation between multiple drivers to […]

Baton Rouge Residents – Don’t Be Bullied By An Insurance Company!

Bullying has been at the forefront of social consciousness for some time now. Stories in the news often highlight the devastating effects of bullying among young children and teens. However, children aren’t the only victims. Recently, there has been much publicity surrounding accusations of bullying by Miami Dolphins player, Richard Incognito of his own teammate, […]