How Working for an Insurance Agency Made Our Car Accident Lawyer Want to Represent People in Baton Rouge

When Spencer Calahan first started practicing law, he actually worked as a lawyer for the insurance companies. When he saw the way that insurance companies treated their customers after an accident, though, he decided that he wanted to go to work for the people as a car accident lawyer in Baton Rouge, instead. He knew […]

Louisiana Traffic Laws You May Not Know You Are Breaking

The sight of flashing blue lights in the rearview mirror is enough to make any driver panic. Most of us slow down, pull over, and try to determine how exactly this exchange is going to go. Will there be a ticket involved or simply a warning? In the majority of cases, these stops occur due […]

Is Your Car Roadworthy For Summer?

Summer is officially underway in Baton Rouge. The weather is creeping from warm to hot; children are out of school, and families are hitting the road for their long awaited summer vacations. It’s a time of year for countless memories and hours filled with carefree family fun. Of course, all of that depends on your […]

Need A Lawyer For A Car Accident In Baton Rouge?

Were you injured in a Baton Rouge car accident? If so, you aren’t alone. In 2013, over 7,000 auto accident injuries were reported just in East Baton Rouge Parish, and with the recent revelation that Louisiana officially has the worst drivers in the nation, these numbers are really no surprise. According to a new report, […]

Speeding And Baton Rouge Car Accidents

In early January, a PSA from the New Zealand Transport Agency quickly went viral. The video which targets speeders uses compelling freeze-frames and dialogue between two drivers on the verge of a devastating accident. The message is simple: “Other people make mistakes. Slow down.” When traveling at a high rate of speed, there is simply […]